In today’s highly-fragmented recruitment landscape, companies need a multi-pronged strategy to succeed. Candidates search for jobs in a variety of ways


– 60% of the U.S. workforce show a combination of passive and active behaviors
– 20% are entirely passive job-seekers
– Multiple channels are essential to connecting with your talent
– Employer brand is more important than ever

With sparkling creative, leading edge technology, and unmatched service, Sky can help.


What does my employer brand say?

A strong employer brand positions a company as an employer of choice.

– Strengthens connection between organization and candidates

– Demonstrates values, policies, and culture

– Attracts, motivates, and retains current and potential employees


With Sky’s Job Posting Database, easily

create a package that combines general

and niche job boards to reach your ideal

job candidate.

– Over 25,000 job boards
– Publish on multiple boards with one easy form
– Master Indeed recruiting


– Access to several programmatic ad opportunities for companies large to small

– Cost per click or cost per application models



– 250 million unique visitors every month

– #1 source for hires from Sky clients

– Turbo-charge your sponsored ads

– Elevate your employer brand with Company Pages Premium

– Search over 150 million resumes with a 55% average response rate

– Targeted Ads

– Stand out with Hiring Events

“[Indeed Hiring Events are] such an easy process, all we have to do is provide the date, time, location, and position you are in need of. Indeed does the rest! In a matter of two weeks we select a package of 25, 50 or 75 confirmed candidates. We are receiving highly qualified candidates who we have not only hired but retained.

This has been a complete success and I will definitely recommend these events for any organization that needs to hire quickly and obtain qualified people in your area.”

Cassandra Mendez

Human Resources Manager, The Children’s Village


Sky partners with CAREERARC, a robust solution that uses employer branding and job specs to deliver results.

– Advertise jobs on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

– Create compelling profiles


With advanced targeting by demographic, location, lifestyle, and even job title, contact your talent pool where they spend their time: online

Spread your employer message with digital banners

Text candidates directly with SMS recruitment

Email marketing


Print, radio and outdoor are still viable options, especially for entry level positions.

With our relationships with print media, radio, outdoor and specialty printers, we can make any campaign a success.


Accounting for 33% of hires in best-in-class companies, ERPs are the most cost-effective way to recruit high quality candidates.

– Boost morale and increase retention

– Create a fun program with postering, direct mail, videos, giveaways and more


– Keep applicants engaged

– Communicate your employer brand

– Create a positive candidate experience


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