The Employee Handbook and You

Ask an employee if they’ve read the employee handbook and the most probable answer will be no. Usually, they would say the manual is filled with legal jargon, drawn-out paragraphs, and vague instructions on dealing with workplace dilemmas while often missing important, relevant information. However, what most employers and employees don’t realize is that the handbook is more than just a collection of requirements, directions, and disciplinary measures.The handbook is an embodiment of company ideals. They are a crucial factor in employee-management relations that can aid and facilitate workplace cohesiveness and actually strengthen employee efficiency.

A practical employee handbook should:

  • Communicate professionally what the employer expectations are.
  • Give adequate advice in becoming successful in the company
  • Include detailed steps on following office policies and procedures (i.e., requesting time off, submitting complaints, reporting office violence, and maintaining confidential information)
  • Provide a list of employee benefits that include, but are not limited to, workers’ compensation, medical insurance, short-term disability insurance

A well-written handbook is the first step of a successful defense of unemployment or other legal claims. It should note instructions on providing proof of rule violation warnings and employee notifications of such actions. Maintaining employee discipline is among the top components in producing the quintessential brand image and it starts at the handbook.

Writing and wording the employee manual can be tricky business. Furthermore, the booklet must always comply with federal, state, and local law, but must not address specific laws. But most of all, it must only contain information that does not conflict with applicable laws.

Sky Advertising is the perfect resource to help you create a well-designed hand-tailored handbook with the most recent, up-to-date information.  Handbooks that are out of date and unorganized send the wrong message to your employees; ultimately hurting the organization at the most critical time –onboarding new team members.

Contact us if you would like to know more about how we can help with your employee handbook.   Let us know if you would like Sky to analyze and revamp your handbook for your company.