When setting up digital campaigns, there are a number of things to ask for and understand. Words and acronyms like impressions, CTR, UTM, geo-targeting or re-targeting might sound confusing and daunting at first, but once you know what they are, things get very easy.


Banners used in digital campaigns

An impression is when your banner appears on a website, so if you order 1,000,000 impressions, it means your banners have been viewed 1,000,000 times on a website or websites.


CTR in digital campaigns

CTR (click-through rate) is the important thing to ask about. This is when someone actually clicks on your banners. The industry average for digital campaigns is .01%, so look for a campaign that promises to deliver more.


UTM In Digital Campaigns

UTM is how you gather analytic data. It’s a code put at the end of your URL that allows you to collect user data on the people who click on your banners. Google has a great resource for this, or you can ask us to set it up for you.


Geo-Targeting In Digital Campaigns

When a campaign uses geo-targeting you are choosing where in the world you want you banners seen. That way you are only targeting locations where you know there are potential customers. The only trick to that, is to make sure you never choose too many markets, otherwise your digital campaigns’ results will be diluted. For 250,000 impressions, for example try to use four or five markets at the most.


Retargeting in digital campaigns

For re-targeting, like any medium, digital campaigns requires multiple impression to drive people to your site. That’s where we use re-targeting. This will ensure that people who were already interested in your site are reminded of it by seeing your banner when they browse other related sites. We do this through a piece of computer code we place on the site. We can track the people who visited your site and show them ads on other premium websites that they read. You can expect a 2x-5x higher CTR from those who have been re-targeted.

Like a lot of things, what sounds complicated is pretty easy once you know what it is. Remember, when setting up a digital campaign don’t be afraid to ask questions. That way you understand what to ask for and you get the campaign that best serves you.