The Healthcare Spectrum has Changed.

And these changes will continue—due to the Affordable Healthcare Act and the growing population of senior adults. According to the Administration on Aging, by 2030 there will be approximately 72 million people over the age of 65. This will be twice the number recorded in 2000. Hospitals, clinics, and private practices are creating more openings for qualified health professionals. But the pool of candidates is smaller than the need. This creates a unique challenge for recruiters. Recruiters in the healthcare community are having to compete harder than ever before, not just for the best candidates. Even for ones that have only the basic certifications and licensing to meet the requirements.

An essential way to draw attention and differentiate yourself to candidates is to have a strong brand. Gone are the days that you post a healthcare opportunity and a steady stream of solid resumes follows. What healthcare organizations need to do now, to be successful in hiring is to show what makes them special.

What are the merits of your organization? Do you have a strong retention rate? A good work/life ratio for your employees? A team-based ethic? Putting out a good idea of what your company culture is will bring candidates to you, not have you chasing them.

Establishing a brand takes time and effort and it is easy to look at things from a short-term perspective, especially when you have a ton of critical positions to fill. But if you can take time to work with your advertising agency or marketing department to flesh out a dynamic representation of your organization, it can reap benefits in hiring for years to come in a highly efficient way.