You’ve probably heard it once or twice in your life that persistence is the key to landing that job or getting what you want… for the most part. Yet sometimes it can feel that – – no matter how hard you try, or how many times you’ve nailed that audition, or how many emails you’ve sent that hiring manager – – all that hard work seems to get sucked into a dark black hole of nothingness! No job, no part, nada! But hey, here’s a tidbit for you.

Be persistent with your persistence.

Yeah, we know, it sounds trite but it’s true. We came across some excellent pointers in a CNN article entitled “The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Job.”

        • Follow up within 24 hours, with a note, a letter, or an email, to each person who has a say in whether you get hired. Make each one different: Anything resembling a form letter is a kiss of death.
        • Keep contacting the people who interviewed you “every 7 to 12 days,” observes Tim Schoonover, chairman of Nashville-based talent management firm OI Partners. says:
        • “Find reasons to reach out to the hiring person”, he adds, perhaps by sending a link to an article that touches on a topic you discussed: “The idea is to reinforce your potential value as part of the team.”
        • Follow up by phone. “A well-placed follow-up phone call is vital,” says Schoonover. “If they say they’re still interviewing, ask when it would be appropriate to call back.”
        • Set yourself apart by writing something for a trade pub, specialty blog or speaking at a conference. Then make sure the hiring manager knows about it, and how it’s relevant to the job you want.

Are you doing any of these “Take Action” steps now? If not: Start. The worst thing that can come from this is you won’t get the job, but at least you’ll know you did everything in your power to attain your goal. This article also points out, ever so accurately, that these days, corporations can seem to take forever with the hiring process. Just because you do not hear from your interviewer or HR, doesn’t mean the position has been filled and certainly doesn’t mean: Abort mission, give up all hope. Instead, be that squeaky wheel and make some noise. Have you ever been successful based on your persistence? Has this ever worked against you? Let us know how you’re doing!