As the expression goes, “bad news travels faster than good news” and in today’s social media context your business reputation could be at risk unless you manage your reputation before bad news can hurt your bottom line.

At Sky Advertising we help our clients to control what people can and can’t find out about a business. We have a reputation management and SEO division that develops customized programs for companies and employers to meet your specific needs to include:

  • Adding positive new content to sites
  • Blogs to get out the right information
  • Creating new websites and landing pages
  • Link Building
  • Social media posts

These methods are monitored by our staff which includes content creation and SEO expertise developed to push down negative information from the top of search sites like Google, Yahoo, & Bing.

A good reputation is crucial for success, so if your company is experiencing the effects of a negative reputation on general sites like Yelp or employer-centric sites like Glassdoor, contact Sky Advertising today to set-up a free consultation and make it a top priority for 2016.