The blog revolution is in full swing, and as we all probably know, whatever topic you are interested in, there are most likely hundreds of blogs to match (however, if you are into extreme ironing, for instance, that might be an exception).

Blogs make even the driest topics seem much more interesting. Why? Because they come from a first-person narrative, which lends itself an intimacy that humans are drawn to. Blogs could be described as a diary of sorts. They’re open to the public if you are lucky enough to find them. Discovering blogs that speak to me has become an immense pleasure in my life. As someone who dabbles in creative writing in my free time, and who utilizes these acquired skills in my professional life (like the internal HR job description of 10 pages that needs to become an exciting job opportunity) I find it fascinating that each person has their own unique voice that wants, and is compelled, to be heard.

And this includes people in the recruitment sector who have valuable insights to share with other professionals in the human resources spectrum.

Want to know the latest job numbers report and industry-specific metrics? Check. Having an awful interview day and need to hear that you are not alone? Check. Whether you are searching for the new and rising trends in garnering talent, or curious about how your fellow recruiters are dealing with their own specific challenges, recruitment marketing blogs can help inform you, as well as give you a greater sense of being part of the recruitment community as a whole.

These resources were created for you, by professionals who have been or are, where you are now.

Utilize them!

These are some of the recruitment blogs I follow: