How to gain a better social media presence

Interpersonal and social skills are some of your most recognized qualities as a real estate agent. You can easily negotiate a deal and make your clients happy. Interacting socially is a no brainer for you. However, how about interacting online? Many realtors struggle branding themselves correctly and connecting to their audience on social media. Sky can help you with great tips on how to improve your social media presence and ensure your brand is communicated effectively online.

Social media will not only further connect you with your clients, but also improve your real estate marketing efforts. Building your online presence will gain you trust and create more word-of-mouth marketing. For realtors, here are some tips on correctly branding yourself online:

  • Develop a strategy; Are you trying to generate new business or establish yourself as an industry-leader?
  • Know your social media platforms well and how to communicate on each
  • Know your target audience; Are you outreaching to other brokers or potential buyers?
  • Share relevant content with the right tools to best describe your message
  • Be consistent with interaction and engagement
  • Don’t just sell: balance your communication
  • Be interested in what the buyers and sellers want, not just how to make yourselves look important

Implementing these tips across social media platforms

Facebook: In order to connect with family and friends of clients, first set up a Facebook page. Then, post about your listing’s neighborhood and events so people can see your passion and involvement. Next, make sure to use images because those are most engaging. Also, be sure to show your clients you care by congratulating them on their new home. Engage your clients with contests such as sweepstakes or vote contests to learn about their interests and which home listing they like the most to indicate that you’re listening to them. Additionally, don’t forget to post your listings and use Geo-targeted banner ads to reach the right target market.

Twitter: Use Twitter to keep engaging and strengthening your relationships. Similarly, post tips to help out your clients, along with good articles and videos depicting what you’re teaching them. You want to tweet about local news in your neighborhood, showing you’re knowledgeable of the area and how great it is. In order to engage them, post questions to encourage responses. Use related hashtags and tweet about charity events to show you care about your community. You want to mention and tag your clients to stay in touch with them. Like Facebook, use contests to further increase engagement and make sure to share your listings.

LinkedIn: On a more professional note, you want to set up a business page. Make sure your personal LinkedIn has a thorough summary introducing yourself and explaining why you’re a great realtor of choice. It should specify that you’re talented in both sides of the “deal”, helping them buy or sell. You’ll also want to join local groups and participate in them. Last but not least, keep connected with your clients and ask for referrals.


Up to this point, if you found yourself engaged and learning new tips for your social media, then don’t stop there. The Sky Team offers you more insightful advice on how to best communicate with your clients and prospects to help build your online presence and ultimately your brand equity.

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